Item: 1905 - MetalMaster®
Description: Palm Coated Knitwrist
Sizes: 5,6,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,10,11,12,13,14
Fabric Content: 85% Dynamax® HD, 9% Duralon®, 6% Spandex
Coating: Polyurethane
Style/Pattern: Palm Dip
Cuff: Knitwrist
Color Coding:
Wrist Color Coding:
5 - Purple
6 - Yellow
7 - Red
7.5 - Medium Green
8 - Blue
8.5 - Black
9 - White
10 - Hunter Green
11 - Brown
12 - Orange
13 - Light Blue
14 - Gray

Wrist Hem Color: Gray
Packaging: 12 pair per size per bag, 12 dozen per size per case
Cut Test Data: ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Cut Level A2
EN 388:2016: 4342B
Tensile Strength: 178 Newtons
Applications: MetalMaster® gloves are designed for lean manufacturing where a broad range of tasks are performed by the same set of hands. MetalMaster® gloves are made with Dynamax® HD, a lightweight continuous filament yarn that works on a principle of ultra high tensile strength to provide cut resistance in sheet metal applications. Due to our patented yarn construction, these gloves are extremely light weight and provide dexterity and tactile feel.
Information: MetalMaster® gloves are 100% latex free and treated with Sanifresh® to reduce bacteria growth both during and after glove use. The new Taperfit® knitwrist cuffs are extended length to protect the wrist area without causing tightness or discomfort. MetalMaster® gloves can be reconditioned repeatedly with the Bantex® process. Gloves cleaned with this process are bacteria free and cosmetically acceptable for users to wear. The initial unit cost is reduced with each cycle of reuse.
Cautions: Polyurethane coatings offer the most comfort and dexterity but provide the least abrasion and puncture resistance as compared to nitrile or latex coatings. These gloves are made with a synthetic yarn, so they should not be used near heat or open flame. MetalMaster® gloves should be edge-tested prior to approval for use.
Patents: US Patent #RE42,265 E, Canada Patent # 2,535,988
Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
Manufacturing facility has been certified by SGS to meet the following Standards:

- ISO 9001:2008   Quality Management System
- ISO 14001:2004  Environmental Management System
- OHSAS 18001:2007  OH&S Management System
- SA 8000:2008   Social Accountabil
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