Item: 2005 - Actifit®
Description: Palm Coated Knitwrist
Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Fabric Content: 75% ArmorPlate®, 13% Duralon, 12% Spandex
Coating: Foam Nitrile
Style/Pattern: Palm Dip
Cuff: Knitwrist
Color Coding:
Wrist Color Coding:
6 - Yellow
7 - Red
8 - Blue
9 - White
10 - Green
11 - Brown

Wrist Hem Color: Yellow
Packaging: 12 pair per size per bag, 6 dozen per size per carton
Cut Test Data: ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Cut Level A3
EN 388:2016: Not Tested
Tensile Strength: 60 Newtons
Applications: Style 2005 Actifit® cut-resistant gloves are light weight, flexible, and a provide dexterity and tactile feel. Applications include warehouse and fulfillment centers where dexterity and a positive grip are required to handle multiple parts and objects, and knives may be used to cut cartons open.
Information: Actifit® gloves are 100% latex free and treated with Sanifresh® to reduce bacteria growth both during and after glove use. The new Taperfit® knitwrist cuffs are extended length to protect the wrist area without causing tightness or discomfort. Actifit® gloves can be cleaned repeatedly with the Bantex® cleaning process.
Cautions: Due to their tacky grip, Actifit® gloves are not recommended for use when turning nuts, bolts, or screws with a power tool as this can result in a “wrap-up.” Nitrile coatings can become slippery in water-based solutions. These gloves are made with a synthetic yarn, so they should not be used near heat or open flame. Actifit® gloves should be edge-tested prior to approval for use.
Patents: US Patent #RE42,265 E, Canada Patent # 2,535,988
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Manufactured in an ISO 9002-2008 Certified facility | P.O. Box 687, Wayne, PA 19087 | P: 800 227-7694 | F: 800 456-8393