Item: S17 Series - Dynamax®HD Sleeve
Description: Dynamax®HD Sleeves
Sizes: L
Fabric Content: 65% Dynamax®HD, 30% Duralon®, 5% Spandex
Coating: Uncoated
Style/Pattern: Sleeve
Cuff: Knitwrist or thumb slot
Color Coding:
Wrist Hem Color-Coded for Length:
12 Inch - Red
14 Inch - Blue
18 Inch - White
20 Inch - Green
22 Inch - Brown
24 inch - Black

Upper Arm Gusset Color-Coded for Width:

E - No Color - 8 Inch Circumference
EB-2 - Red - 10 Inch Circumference
EB-4 - Blue - 12 Inch Circumference
EB-6 - Green - 14 Inch Circumference
EB-8 - Orange - 16 Inch Circumference
Packaging: 10 each per size per bag, 50 each per size per carton
Cut Test Data: ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 Cut Level A2
EN 388:2016: 4341B
Tensile Strength: 178 Newtons
Applications: Dynamax® HD sleeves handle a broad range of sheet metal and sheet glass applications. These sleeves are made with Dynamax®HD, a lightweight continuous filament yarn that works on a principle of ultra high tensile strength to provide cut resistance in sheet metal and glass applications.
Information: Dynamax®HD sleeves feel silky soft to sensitive skin. Available in different weights, lengths and sizes, these sleeves provide cool, comfortable and durable protection. Dynamax®HD sleeves are 100% latex free and can be reconditioned repeatedly using the Bantex® cleaning process. This process returns the sleeves in a clean and cosmetically acceptable state and removes all bacteria. Reconditioning lowers the unit cost with each cycle of reuse.
Cautions: Dynamax®HD sleeves are not for use near high heat or open flame, and are not designed to protect against knife blade hazards. Dynamax® HD sleeves should be edge-tested prior to approval for use.
Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
Manufacturing facility has been certified by SGS to meet the following Standards:

- ISO 9001:2008		Quality Management System
- ISO 14001:2004	Environmental Management System
- OHSAS 18001:2007	OH&S Management System
- SA 8000:2008		Social Accountability Management System
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